Conservation leaders for the Feather River region

Photo by Janet Delight

Vision Circle

I give to the Feather River Land Trust because I like what you do. I love the passion you have for good projects, like protecting the Olsen Barn, and keeping these lands pristine for our grandkids and their grandkids.

—Franci, Vision Circle member

It gives me great comfort to know that some of the special places I grew up with in this amazing watershed are being protected. I am grateful that the Feather River Land Trust formed years ago to help protect and steward this land.

—Ron Logan, Vision Circle member

It is so important to preserve and improve the way of life in these rural mountain communities, and the work the land trust is doing is an important part of that. For example, FRLT works with local ranchers to maintain ranching in this region, while also protecting waterways with simple techniques like improved fencing, and it is small innovations like that can make a big difference.

—Bill Knudsen, Vision Circle member and FRLT Board Member

Generosity at Work