With over 1,000 members, there are as many reasons to support the Land Trust as there are members. This week, we chat with Mike and Sally Yost of Taylorsville. 

Mike and Sally helped found the Feather River Land Trust in 2000. And from making sure cows had water on the Maddalena Ranch, to leading the Board of Directors, to designing FRLT's logo, to Monthly Giving, they have been giving of their time, money, and talents ever since. Why? 

Sally--Why I Give:

I give to the Land Trust because it's a local organization that does land conservation that's tangible--a person can see these properties that our giving has helped conserve. It's very rewarding. 

I also give because of the quality of the director, staff, and structure of the organization. And we keep going. Now we are nationally accredited--that puts FRLT in a new category of self-evaluation and awareness of how we do business. When I pay my bills each month, the Land Trust comes first.

Mike--Why I Give:

I was part of the land trust when we began in Paul Hardy's kitchen. The organization itself is so healthy and has been doing such good work through the years. You know that the money you contribute is going to a good cause and is going to be spent on conserving land.

Why do YOU give?

Catalysts in the Effort to Save Olsen Barn and Meadow

Mike leads a tour in Olsen Barn

Most recently, Mike and Sally found great satisfaction--and new friends--by rolling up their sleeves to help save the Olsen Barn and Meadow.

Mike, who volunteers on FRLT's Land Protection committee, says the committee has wanted to conserve the Olsen Barn for years, but it was always out of reach financially. It's a very special property--the last remaining meadow of what was Big Meadows--with important habitat for many species of wildlife, cultural significance for the Maidu people, and an iconic 130+ year old barn.

Then when the price came down, and Plumas County's Proposition 50 funds ended up being a perfect fit for conserving the property, as Mike says, FRLT couldn't afford not to pursue it. To make it happen the Yosts gave generously of their time, their expertise, and their financial resources (totalling nearly $10,000).

  • They both served on the steering committee to Save Olsen Barn
  • Mike led tours of the barn and property. 
  • Sally designed a logo for the Save Olsen Barn campaign.
  • They spoke at house parties and showed up at events and shared their enthusiasm

Sally's art booth to raise money for Olsen Barn
Sally got the "oddball idea" to paint 10 paintings of the barn and meadow and donate all of the proceeds to the effort. As she says, she "just got a bee in [her] bonnet" and ran with it. She inspired other artists to give as well. Eight of Sally's paintings have sold raising over $7,000. Two more are still available for purchase and will benefit the stewardship of the barn and meadow.

Friends like Sally and Mike (and more than 500 of you who contributed!) have been absolutely instrumental in conserving the Olsen Barn and Meadow.

And in return? The satisfaction of knowing they (and you) helped conserve a very special place for the community and wildlife for generations to come.

An unexpected benefit: Because so many of you got involved, Sally and Mike have gotten to meet many interesting people. Sally says, "I've made new friends through this effort that I know will continue through my life."

Want to get more involved? There are many ways to make a difference--become a member, volunteer, make a donation. And like the Yosts, you might be surprised by what you gain in return.

Get Involved

Have an idea for getting involved, or interested in purchasing Sally's paintings? Give Karen a call at (530) 283-5758 x103.

Thursday, October 22, 2015