Every year, donations from Land Trust members and friends, fund a significant portion of our operating budget--insuring the valuable lands we love are protected for future generations. 

This year we have met our match--literally!  Thanks to the Morgan Family Foundation, for every $ donated by members, their donations were doubled--up to a very generous $75,000.  As of December 17, 2013 we have exceeded our first major fundraising goal.  This campaign has raised a total of $80,485 from individual donors like yourself. 



Total donors for our annual end of the year fundraising campaign: 148

Number of donations in the $20,000 category: 1

Number of donations in the $10,00 category: 2

Number of donations in the $5,000 category: 3

Number of donation in the $1,000 category: 13

Number of donations under $1,000: 134 donors for a total of $12, 485!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013