Water, Wildlife, and Ranching

Early this summer a unique stewardship dilemma came up on our Leonhardt Learning Landscape property in Quincy.  A busy beaver made a series of dams on Boyles Creek, effectively backing up water and making great wetland habitat. Watch the industrious beaver at work on video here.

While it made for

A beaver "deceiver" in Boyles Creek
happy birds and willows, downstream neighbors with thirsty livestock were not as pleased. 

Because the Land Trust values working ranch lands and wildlife conservation, we decided to run a quick fundraising campaign and test out an innovative management tool--the Beaver Deceiver.

A Beaver Deceiver is a man-made device that allows water to flow downstream through a beaver dam.  Think of it as a pipe system for keeping water flowing through the creek. 

You made it happen!

Our first crowdfunding campaign through RocketHub was a great success.  We raised a total of $1,700 which will pay for materials, installation and ongoing monitoring of the Beaver Deceiver devices. 

While the results are still out, we will continue to monitor this project to see how the beaver responds and how water flows through the beaver dam structures.

See it installed

Click on the image below to watch a short video of biologist Nils Lunder and his sons installing one of the two deceivers, already in place along the Leonhardt Learning Landscape nature trail. 

A Beaver Deceiver installed and water flowing! 

THANK YOU to everyone who supported this project. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, August 25, 2014