The conservation community is one big-hearted group! With our new Executive Director, Shelton, and exciting projects like the Sierra Valley Conservation Partnership Feather River Land Trust is busy busy. But because of you, our donors and friends, we love what we do! Here are some of our most recent love notes. Thank you donors, volunteers, and friends -- we are feeling inspired and we truly couldn't do it without you!

Only together can we conserve the special places that define the Feather River region.

"Why we give"

"Having ranched in both Plumas and Sierra counties for the past 40 years and seeing the changes that have occurred in other parts of the west, we really appreciate the serenity and beauty of where we live, especially Sierra Valley. This is truly a unique spot with fascinating history, multiple landscapes and diverse wildlife population. This is why we support Feather River Land Trust. With their use of conservation easements and land purchases, they have preserved a large portion of lands from future development. After the purchases close, they invite the public to enjoy what each property has to offer. By establishing the learning landscapes properties at the schools, they are helping communicate to future generations the importance of open space as well as developing respect for nature. We know of no other group that has done so much to save these important places."

--J.P. and Byrd Harrison, Green Gulch Ranch, Vinton, CA

The Green Gulch herd, fall 2016. When you drive east on highway 70 towards Reno keep a look-out for pronghorn grazing in the hay fields at J.P. and Byrd's ranch in Vinton. Photo by Byrd Harrison.


"Having been a visitor and now resident of Plumas County, I am in constant awe of the unique and gripping majesty that is the Feather River region. The Feather River Land Trust’s mission to care for and protect the region’s land and watershed in perpetuity is why I became a Land Trust member. They effectively honor and promote ecological and cultural heritage through conservation, restoration, and educational programs. The Land Trust's efforts not only restore land and water, but peoples’ relationship with the land as well."

--Megan Colosimo, Quincy, CA (FRLT's youngest monthly donor!)


"I am a Chester native and have lived in the region for over 65 years. I have always appreciated the beauty of this area from Mt. Lassen to Sierra Valley, never taking it for granted. The Olsen barn and surrounding meadow is a part of me and my life. This icon stands as a community treasure and greets visitors as they enter Chester from the east. I never thought the barn might 'go away' until a few short years ago when there was talk of developing the land around it. I was only vaguely aware of the Land Trust then and what they had done to help conserve other lands in and around Plumas County. Because the Olsen Barn and meadow are so important to me—and the wildlife that call this place home—I decided to jump in to help FRLT. I help with my time, energy and resources because it means so much to me. Having these incredible assets conserved by the Land Trust means they will be here for generations to come."

--Karyn Merriman, Chester, CA


"I have been with the Feather River Land Trust since its inception. I'm a botanist and have worked in the natural resources field for many years and have witnessed first hand the pressure we humans put on our environment.  Certainly we exploit nature to insure our own survival, but lines must be drawn somewhere if intact landscapes are to remain for the health of the Earth and the health of our spirits.  In my mind, the Land Trust exists for these reasons.  I volunteer to support FRLT with money, botany tours, rare plant surveys, assisting with native landscapes, and leading canoe tours in Sierra Valley.  Long live the Land Trust!"

-- Jim Battagin (Dr. Goose), Quincy, CA


"Why do we give to FRLT? Because we believe in the mission and share the values of FRLT and we want to support the work it does to conserve, protect and restore landscapes within the watershed. It's important to us that we help sustain the land trust, so it can continue to do the great work it’s done for the past 16+ years.  Also important to us is that our grand kids get to experience the gifts of nature that we've been so fortunate to be surrounded by for the past 40 years.  These are just some of the reasons why we give to the FRLT."

--Denny and Clare Churchill, Quincy, CA








Friday, November 4, 2016