Open space, clean water, working landscapes, kids outside--made possible by you! We are incredibly grateful for all the contributions we have received so far this season (150 and counting!). If you have already given, thank you.

This year we are asking you to join with us in FRLT's 2020 Vision--Together, we have the unprecedented opportunity to conserve 75,000 more acres over the next four years.  Help us conserve one of California's most important watersheds and build a stong base of support for the longterm care and community connection to this amazing place. It isn't possible without you.

Join us today and double your impact! With a generous matching challenge of $50,000 from Laura and John Foster, together we have the opportunity to raise $100,000 by December 15. Small and large gifts matter and every dollar donated is matched 1:1 for this limited time.

Help us meet our match by December 15 and raise a total of $100,000! Donate online.

Because of you, we are feeling abundant and optimistic about what we can accomplish in the New Year.  Nearly 25 percent of our annual income comes from individual donors with gifts large and small. 

Your gift, matched dollar for dollar, is critically important to FRLT's 2020 Vision Campaign, a once in a lifetime opportunity to conserve the home we all love and to make lasting change for our children and grandchildren. 

For more information about charitable gifts including stocks, monthly giving, or designating FRLT in your will or trust, please contact Karen Kleven, Development Director at 530-283-5758.

Want to know more about this accredited, 501(c)3 non-profit and our finances? Read our Annual Report (or give us a call as we are happy to answer questions).

Thank you for your generous support!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017