Saturday, May 26: 1-3pm.

The Olsen Property is one of the most beloved properties in the Feather River Region for good reason. Situated on a beautiful meadow that was once part of Big Meadows, the Olsen Barn is well over 130 years old!

Join your friends at Feather River Land Trust for a unique opportunity to learn about this landscape's rich history from local historian Marilyn Morris Quadrio.  Marilyn is an expert on our region's past and is the author of Big Meadows and Lake Almanor as well as the Director of the Chester Museum.

The Olsen Family played an important role in the early town of Chester. This is not THE Olsen Barn but it is one of many that once stood on their ranch on the eastern edge of town.

Note: Parking and access to the property is off of Highway 36 and requires a short walk to the Barn (accross the meadow on a mowed trail). 

Register online--Olsen Barn History Talk


Ellie Hinrichs
Saturday, May 26, 2018