Monthly Giving—because small, consistent gifts add up to make a big impact!

Sandy's Circle keeps us going: Red-winged Blackbird rides on back of Sandhill Crane

Why Monthly Giving?

Monthly (or quarterly) giving creates a dependable stream of funds that keeps the Feather River Land Trust vital and strong, so together we can keep conserving and caring for these lands we love.

Our core support (programs, staff and operations) is paid for by friends like you and family foundations--not the federal government. And because of YOU, FRLT continues to be a progressive, effective, and stable Land Trust serving the Feather River region.

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Why "Sandy's Circle?"

“Sandy” is our ambassador for the Sandhill Cranes and other endangered wildlife that rely upon the meadows and wetlands of the Feather River Watershed to survive and thrive. As a member of Sandy’s Circle, you are “in Sandy's corner,” and are actively showing your support for everything wild.

Your monthly/quarterly donation will:

  • Strengthen community conservation and people's connection to this amazing watershed
  • Provide sustained resources needed to keep local people working on conservation efforts you care about
  • Enable the Land Trust to plan for the future based on dependable income
  • Create monthly cash flow that allows FRLT to respond quickly to conservation oppportunities

Benefits to you:

  • A stable Land Trust working to conserve 120,000 acres of important lands and waters that support diverse wildlife and plants, water resources, working family ranches, and nature-based recreation.
  • Conserved open space and outdoor classrooms for kids and community members
  • Exclusive invitations to FRLT outings and participation in a wonderful circle of people
  • Your monthly (or quarterly) gifts add up to make a big difference each year.
  • Monthly giving is easy, effective, and efficient. You'll receive one donation receipt at year-end.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Your gift of just $84 per month adds up to $1,000 per year, and qualifies you for FRLT's Vision Circle Membership.

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Louise West of Felton, CA

Louise West shooting photos of wildlife at Yosemite. Photo by Ann Gillis Photography

The older I get, and the more I observe, the more I see that if we don't do something now, how rapidly wildlife habitats disappear. We have to do something now to conserve the dwindling habitats for the creatures and migratory birds that are counting on these lands for food and life, like the Sandhill Crane.

To me giving $25 here and $50 there to all of the good causes at the end of the year is not as effective as choosing something and putting it in your budget.

There are always opportunities to give, but becoming a sustaining member enables Feather River Land Trust to know what income they can count on for the year. It's a way to align my giving with my values.

Megan Colosimo of Quincy, CA

Megan Colosimo is a member of FRLT's Monthly Giving Circle


I am in constant awe of the unique and gripping majesty that is the Feather River region. The Feather River Land Trust’s mission to care for and protect the special lands in the watershed in perpetuity is why I became a Land Trust member.

They effectively honor and promote ecological and cultural heritage through conservation, restoration, and educational programs.

The Land Trust's efforts not only restore land and water, but peoples’ relationship with the land as well.



Clare and Denny Churchill of Quincy, CA

Clare & Denny Churchill are members of FRLT's Monthly Giving Circle


Why do we give to FRLT? Because we believe in the mission and share the values of FRLT and we want to support the work it does to conserve, protect and restore landscapes within the watershed.

It's important to us that we help sustain the land trust, so it can continue to do the great work it’s done for the past 19 years. 

Also important to us is that our grandkids get to experience the gifts of nature that we've been so fortunate to be surrounded by for the past 40 years. 


Your dollars go far and directly to what you care about—ensuring this landscape is healthy and resilient for current and future generations. Thank you.

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Photo credits: (1) Red-winged Blackbird on back of Sandhill Crane in Sierra Valley by Andy Wright/Lighthawkphoto. (2) Louise West at Yosemite by Ann Gillis Photography