• A Child's Wonder
    Learning Landscapes gets children outside to explore, learn, and become stewards of this very special place.
  • Clean, Abundant Water
    The Feather River Watershed is a source of clean drinking water for more than 20 million Californians.
  • Breathtaking Wildlife
    We're conserving and restoring critical bird and wildlife habitat in species-rich regions of the Sierra.
  • Enjoy, Explore, Protect
    Hike, paddle, watch birds and wildlife, and fall in love with the magnificent Feather River Country.
  • Healthy Ag Lands
    Helping ranching and farming families stay on the land and produce wholesome, local food.

2020 Vision Campaign: Join the Feather River Land Trust in an extraordinary opportunity to conserve 75,000 acres of globally unique wetlands, meadows, and forests in the Feather River Watershed by 2021.
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Success on the Feather River
  • Purchased 2003-2019

    The Feather River Land Trust partnered with The Nature Conservancy and the Northern Sierra...

  • Learning Landscapes is FRLT’s conservation and education program designed to greatly enhance children’s contact with the natural world,...


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