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Protecting 120,000 acres of Feather River lands and headwaters

Photo by Bud Turner

Vision Campaign for a Healthy Watershed

120,000 acres

to be conserved for public benefit

Conservation easements

will protect headwaters and habitats forever

100,000+ acres

protected to date

Photo by Andrew Wright/Lighthawkphoto

Photo by Betty Bishop

Photo by Andrew Wright/Lighthawkphoto

I’m happy the land trust is working with farmers and ranchers who are already taking good care of their land. We’ve been doing it for years, and do it well, so these easements are a great way to promote local livelihoods while maintaining natural resources. That is a good thing.

—Gary Romano, owner of Sierra Valley Farms, conserved in 2019

If you care about protecting Sierra Valley and the whole Feather River Watershed, don’t put off this decision: Join the Feather River Land Trust today and renew your membership every year. It is the best investment you can make in the long term sustainability of our region.

—Lucy Blake, Sierra Valley landowner and President, Northern Sierra Partnership

Help us accomplish our Vision Campaign

You can help conserve, steward, and connect people to these magnificent lands and waters. This is an unprecedented opportunity to make lasting change for our children and grandchildren. Please join us and make your gift today. Thank you.

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