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Learning Landscapes

Teacher Handbook

Learning Landscapes for Your Class

Our new teacher handbook is designed to give teachers and other outdoor mentors tools and ideas for connecting with and using your local outdoor environment as an instructional resource to enrich student learning. This handbook has it all, from philosophy on science education to core field activities that keep students engaged.

WaterSafeguarding the Sierra’s largest source of clean, abundant water
WildlifeProtecting critical habitats for 300+ species of birds and wildlife
Ag & Open SpaceConserving open space and ag lands that host wetlands and wildlife
RecreationPreserving majestic beauty and access to nature-based recreation
Native HomelandsConserving Maidu homelands and supporting cultural connections to land
KidsCultivating a love of nature and stewardship in the next generation
BiodiversityConserving one of the American West’s most biodiverse regions
Climate ResilienceProtecting biodiverse lands and waters that help natural systems thrive
CommunityProtecting treasured landscapes and community connection to land
These places are a part of who I am and I want to be a part of helping protect them for myself, the children of our communities, our grandchildren, and beyond.
- Ron Logan
Monthly donor, Quincy