Conserving ag lands in the Feather River region

photo by Taylor Gipe

Conserve Your Land

We work with visionary landowners to conserve the lands they value. With a deep connection to their land, ranchers and farmers know the gifts undeveloped lands provide their community: clean air and water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and sheer scenic beauty.

Photo by Gary Romano

Photo by Suzy Pearce

I’m happy the land trust is working with farmers and ranchers who are already taking good care of their land. We’ve been doing it for years, and do it well, so these easements are a great way to promote local livelihoods while maintaining natural resources. That is a good thing.

—Gary Romano, owner of Sierra Valley Farms

FRLT's role after conservation

A mutual agreement for long-term stewardship

When FRLT protects a property with a conservation easement, the landowners remain the stewards of the land, while FRLT's responsibility is to "steward" the easement that we hold.

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A partnership for the land

We monitor each conservation easement property at least annually to ensure that the terms of the conservation easement are upheld and the land’s resources are protected. Relationship is key. We meet with landowners, talk about land management plans, offer technical advice when possible, and answer questions. Landowners continue to work their lands and care for their resources. We think this is the way it should be—keeping people connected to the land they own and love.


In Feather River Watershed

Conserving the property is consistent with the mission of FRLT and the property is within the Feather River Watershed


Public Benefit

Conserving the property will provide significant public benefit in one or more category: ecological, cultural/historical, educational, scenic/open space, and recreational


Size + Intactness

The land is of sufficient size that its conservation resources are likely to remain intact, even if adjacent properties are developed


Unique Resources

The land contains resources unique to and characteristic of the Feather River Watershed


Available Funding

There is funding available for acquisition of the conservation easement and its long term monitoring


Adequate Capacity

FRLT has the resources and capacity to fulfill any and all stewardship responsibilities associated with the easement

Conserved Ag Lands