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Sierra Valley Farms

Photo by Gary Romano

Protecting an organic farm and seasonal farmers’ market

The 65-acre Sierra Valley Farms has been owned by the Romano family for three generations. Surrounded by FRLT’s Sierra Valley Preserve, the property includes a certified organic farm and rich wetlands. In warmer months, the farm is open to the public for a weekly farmers’ market and other special events.

Property type: Conservation easement with public access

Photo by Kristi Jamason

Photo courtesy Gary Romano

Photo by Kristi Jamason

Photo courtesy Gary Romano

Sierra Valley Properties Conserved

I’m happy the land trust is working with farmers and ranchers who are already taking good care of their land. We’ve been doing it for years, and do it well, so these easements are a great way to promote local livelihoods while maintaining natural resources. That is a good thing.

—Gary Romano, owner of Sierra Valley Farms

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