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Land Legacy Circle

I want the Land Trust to continue long after my life so my grandkids can bring their grandkids here to enjoy the beauty and magic of this place and know their grandparents made a difference in this lifetime.

—Clare Churchill, Land Legacy Circle member

The Feather River Land Trust is protecting the places I love. We have to protect the land and preserve clean water. Why wouldn’t someone want to give his or her resources to make that possible?

—Jim Jenner, Land Legacy Circle donor

Knowing that my financial contributions to FRLT will help to conserve and maintain open land in the Feather River region and protect this land from ever being developed provides me with visual confirmation that my very existence will have made a positive impact on our planet. This reassurance nurtures my soul.

—Mary Miles, Land Legacy Circle member

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You’re helping protect some of the most ecologically important and beloved lands and waters in the Feather River region. Ensure your good work continues—and protect yourself and your loved ones—by making a will or estate plan. With Freewill's secure, online platform, you can create your will or trust in 20 minutes, for free.

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Bob's Legacy

Protecting what he loves in the Feather River Watershed

Join Bob Blesse at Bucks Lake in Plumas County, CA while he shares about his plans to leave a lasting legacy of conserved lands. Bob's family has been loving the Feather River region for over 60 years. His love of these lands, and the warm memories he and his family have made here inspired him to join FRLT's Land Legacy Circle.

Let us know your plans

If you've already included the Feather River Land Trust in your estate plans, please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you into our Land Legacy Circle. We'll acknowledge your generosity according to your wishes, anonymously if you prefer. As a member, you’ll receive special updates from our team and invitations to events.

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You can also donate stock, bonds, or other assets during your lifetime, or make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA for potential tax benefits.

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