Volunteer with FRLT

Together we can make a difference

FRLT started as an all-volunteer organization in 2000. Fast forward to today and volunteers still make our conservation, land stewardship, and outdoor education work possible. 

Advisory support

Our Board of Directors and Steering Committee members are all volunteers. If you have a deep passion for our work and significant time to contribute, ask us more about our steering committees.

Contact Jenna Holland at jholland@frlt.org if you are interested in this type of role.


Our community is full of talented people. We often need creatives to take photos or videos, artists to host events or donate artwork, or musicians who perform at our events.

Contact Jenna Holland at jholland@frlt.org if interested!

Corporate and group volunteer opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering with your team? Contact us to inquire about group work days out on the land by emailing: events@frlt.org.

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