Help us conserve the Feather River Country

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Here’s how to make a difference

Community is the heartbeat of FRLT’s work. Support our work—and protect the lands you love—by getting involved. Whether you make a gift, lend a hand as a volunteer, connect with other nature lovers at our events, or conserve your land, we invite you to join us.

Give to FRLT

When you give to FRLT, you're protecting and restoring a network of lands and waters where people and wildlife thrive. Your donation today will create a ripple of benefits, now and for generations to come—from the Feather River Watershed all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Benefits like breathtaking beauty, climate-resilient wildlife habitats, thriving agriculture, and clean water for 27 million people.

Matching Challenge: Double your Impact

A team of generous donors will match every gift made by September 30, up to $100,000 total. Double your impact today!

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More ways to give

Your generosity fuels our success

From monthly giving to legacy giving. From in-kind gifts to gifts of stock. From a gift in memory of a loved one to a gift matched by your employer. There are many ways to ensure that the special lands and waters of the Feather River Country will be conserved for generations to come.

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We give to the Land Trust because it's a local organization that does land conservation that's tangible—a person can see these properties that our giving has helped conserve. It's very rewarding. You know that the money you contribute is going to a good cause and is going to be spent on conserving land.

—Mike and Sally Yost, founding Land Trust members

I give to the Feather River Land Trust because I like what you do. I love the passion you have for good projects, like protecting the Olsen Barn, and keeping these lands pristine for our grandkids and their grandkids.

—Franci, Vision Circle member

I’m happy the land trust is working with farmers and ranchers who are already taking good care of their land. We’ve been doing it for years, and do it well, so these easements are a great way to promote local livelihoods while maintaining natural resources. That is a good thing.

—Gary Romano, owner of Sierra Valley Farms, conserved in 2019


We can accomplish so much more together! Join us for a workday—in the office or on the land—for a fun and rewarding way to give back to the places you love.

Get outside with us

From world-class birding and flower-filled meadows to historic barns and scenic walking trails, FRLT’s five nature preserves showcase the beauty of the Lost Sierra.

Photo by Andy Wright/LightHawkPhoto

Attend an event

Join us for an event with other nature-loving and conservation-minded friends. From birding to botany, history to living Maidu culture, get to know the lands you’re helping to protect. We’re developing our full 2024 events calendar now. Stay tuned for more events soon!

Conserve your land

We work with willing landowners and local communities to conserve places they value. Landowners have a deep connection to their land and the gifts protected properties provide: clean air and water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty. We help them conserve it for future generations.

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