Mission-driven work in the Feather River region

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Conserving & Caring for Land Forever

We believe in future generations and their right to experience and benefit from the magnificent lands and waters of the Feather River region.

We believe in conserving the headwater lands of the Feather River for wildlife and people, both residents and 27 million people downstream.

We believe in locally-based conservation and stewardship of land. We work with local communities to identify and protect the lands they love; we respect the wishes of the communities we serve.

Connecting People to Land

We believe not only in conserving and restoring land, but also in conserving and restoring people’s relationship to land.

We believe relationship to land can nurture people and the land alike—enhancing community health, building a land stewardship ethic, and ensuring the long-term success of conservation.

We believe that working forests, farms, and ranches—and the people who steward them—play an important role in conserving biodiversity and climate resilient landscapes.

Community & Inclusion

We believe our work is only sustainable if it touches and benefits our whole community.

We believe together we can shape the future of the Feather River region. We build our community by collaborating with partners, paying property taxes, and doing business locally.

We operate in a cooperative, non-litigious, apolitical manner.