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Sierra Valley Preserve Planning: Feather River Land Trust and the Sierra Valley Preserve Management Group (a team comprised of partners, stakeholders and community members) are engaged in a collaborative land management planning exercise for the newly established Sierra Valley Preserve.  Land Management Planning, including planning for public access and a multitude of potential uses is something FRLT does for every property we own.

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FRLT is committed to access on conserved lands that are open to the public and envisions the region bolstered by eco-tourism, environmental education, and nature-based recreation.  

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Spring is an excellent time to enjoy the splendor of Sierra Valley and experience how wildlife rich these wetlands are. FRLT offers year-round public access at the Maddalena Preserve with a nature trail and bird viewing platform. While the Land Management Plan is being developed for the entire 2,500 acres, everyday access is limited to this portion of the Preserve.  Other parts of the preserve are open to the public through a series of events and tours. 


The Maddalena Property is the only private property in Sierra Valley where the public has direct access to the wetland ecosystem for walking, canoeing and kayaking, nature photography, and exceptional birding. The Maddalena has a wildlife viewing platform, interpretive trail, picnic table, and benches.  Need more info? Call the FRLT office at 530-283-5758.


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