Land Trust Accreditation Commission seal
In February 2015, the Feather River Land Trust achieved national accreditation through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.

We joined the ranks of just 301 land trusts across the country (out of 1,100+) that bear the seal of accreditation.

The seal identifies land trusts that meet national standards for excellence, uphold the public trust, and ensure that conservation efforts are permanent.

Accreditation is a rigorous evaluation of our practices to ensure that our conservation work can last legally and financially and benefit the public...forever.

That is only possible because of members (1,000+ strong!) and partners like you: 

FRLT Members love the Feather River
   * You provide the public will to conserve and steward the magnificent lands of the Feather River region now and for generations to come.

   * You help us accomplish our work on the land and raising up the next generation of conservationists and stewards of this beautiful place.

   * When foundations and agencies see that we have your support and partnership, they feel confident to contribute to this good work we're doing together, year after year. 

And so, in a very real sense, we ALL carry the seal of excellence together. We absolutely could not do it without you. Thank you. 

Here is what the Land Trust Accreditation Commission says about the importance of accreditation:


Accredited land trusts meet national quality standards for protecting important natural places and working lands forever. These land trusts demonstrate their commitment to excellence by adopting Land Trust Standards and Practices, the ethical and technical guidelines for the responsible operation of a land trust, and meeting the accreditation requirements drawn from them.


Nonprofit organizations, including land trusts, are increasingly called on to demonstrate their accountability to the public. Accredited land trusts have voluntarily submitted their organizations to an external, independent review of their practices. As a result, accreditation provides the public with the assurance that the land trust displaying the accreditation seal meets established standards for organizational quality and permanent land conservation.


Land trusts help conserve land that is essential to our health and well-being. When land trusts agree to protect land for the benefit of the public, in most cases they do so by promising that the protection is forever. The accreditation program verifies that the land trust has the policies and programs in place to keep this promise, either by caring for the land itself or transferring the land to an entity that can.