Our Mission

To conserve the lands and waters of the Feather River region and steward their ecological, cultural and educational values for current and future generations.

Our Vision

We envision a legacy of protected lands which ensure that the natural and cultural heritage, rural character, hydrologic signifigance and scenic beauty of the Feather River Watershed are preserved for future generations. The large private landholdings that encompass the valleys and uplands provide excellent habitat for a large diversity of native flora and fauna. Rare species, once displaced, have returned to our protected lands, including the willow flycatcher and yellow-legged frog. The headwaters of the watershed are healthy, functioning streams with meandering channels through lush meadows and bordered by riparian vegetation. Stewardship of these lands maintains the balance for all plants, animals and people within, while benefiting regions outside the watershed.

Outreach programs inform people of all ages about the importance of local flora and fauna, natural systems, cultural heritage, and related human well-being. Local schools have “wild” areas close-by, where teachers can easily take students to experience nature first hand. We work closely with the Maidu to promote their traditional ecological knowledge and restore their relationship to the land, and with with stewards or working landscapes to maintain working landscapes and traditional ways of life. Residents and visitors enjoy the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities provided on FRLT lands.

Our board, staff, volunteers, and community have a great deal of pride and trust in the work we do together. People turn to FRLT when there is special land to protect in the Feather River Watershed. The land trust works in partnership with other concerned organizations that share our sense of purpose. Our stable organization has the financial security to sustain the long-term protection of the lands that we have been entrusted to protect. We have a large, representative membership that is committed to creating and sustaining a sense of place, community well-being, and the naturally functioning ecosystems in the Feather River Watershed.

Our Values

We Value Land Conservation & Stewardship

We believe in working with local communities to identify and protect the lands they love; we respect the wishes of the communities we serve.

We believe in future generations and their right to experience the magnificent lands of the Feather River Region.

We believe in locally-based conservation and stewardship of land.

We believe that water flowing from and through the Feather River Watershed will increase in importance to residents within the watershed, as well as the public beyond the region.

We Value Connecting People to Land

We believe not only in the conservation and restoration of land, but in the conservation and restoration of our relationship with the land.

We believe that interacting with the land represents a marvelous opportunity for children and adults, nurturing people and the land alike.

We believe in preserving the ways of life inherent in the working landscapes of the region.

We Value Community

We believe we can work together to shape the future of the Feather River Region and to protect the quality of life we hold dear.

We operate in a cooperative, non-litigious, apolitical manner.

We believe in being a good neighbor, including paying property taxes, doing business locally, and supporting the local economy.