Land Trust formed by local Plumas County residents

Love of place in action

Visionary local people

Volunteers and charter members made it happen

With a small circle of volunteers, 40 charter members, and no paid staff, FRLT formed as a nonprofit land trust in 2000 to conserve the most important lands and waters in the Feather River Watershed.

Meet our charter members

Early board and advisors

Rob Wade | Bob Cobb | Janet Hilde | Leah Wills | Barry Ford | Bob Beckwith |Mike Yost (Board President) | Jeanene Hafen | Trina Cunningham | Paul Hardy (Founder) | Betsy Kraemer

Charter members

In early 2000, Founder Paul Hardy and Founding Board President Mike Yost approached individuals they thought would believe in the vision of forming the Feather River Land Trust. These 40 charter members contributed funds that enabled the Land Trust to hire its first staff and rent office space to accomplish its new vision and mission. We are grateful to these visionary supporters!

Bob Battagin | Dr. and Mrs. Gino Battagin | Bob Beckwith | Debbie Bliss | Bob Cobb and Betty Moura | Barry and Suzie Ford | Phil Gallagher and Karen Bentley | Warren Gorbet | Jeanene Hafen | Mark and Torrey Hardy | Paul Hardy | Janet Hilde | Michael and Ruth Jackson | Tim Jones | Gordon Keller and Jeanette Brauner | Walt and Betsy Kraemer | Lane Labbe | Herb and Wanda Longnecker | Shannon Morrow | Dennis and Joanne O’Callaghan | John Sheehan and Mary Dovi | Traci Turner | Rob Wade | Dr. Bruce and Linda Walker | Rhonda Wayson | Michael and Sally Yost | Anonymous

Later that year, FRLT sent out its first fundraising letter. Many more local people signalled their love of these lands and belief in our newly founded land trust with their generous gifts. Many of these founding members continue to support our work today, and have been joined by over 1,100 more.

We are grateful to be working alongside them to conserve the Feather River region’s important headwaters and habitats.