Feather River Land Trust is grateful to the following:

Marker Seven: Website design and development. Each year Marker Seven selects a local nonprofit to support with their pro-bono website expertise. We were honored to be chosen as Marker Seven's nonprofit for 2011. Thank you, Marker Seven!

Morgan Family Foundation: We are grateful to Jim & Becky Morgan of the Morgan Family Foundation for providing generous seed money for this website.

Sincere gratitude to the following photographers who so generously share their artwork to help conserve the Feather River Country.

  • Alan Bower
  • Liz Fairchild Photography
  • Jim Gaither
  • Michael Hofmayer
  • Kristi Jamason
  • Heather Kingdon
  • Megan Martinez
  • Shannon Morrow
  • Joyce Paczynski
  • Susy Pearce
  • Carl Raymond
  • Adrienne Stenson
  • Bud Turner
  • Andy Wright, LightHawk Photo

Homepage slide show photo credits:

  1. A Child's Wonder - Megan Martinez
  2. Clean, Abundant Water - Andy Wright, Lighthawk Photo
  3. Breathtaking Wildlife - Andy Wright, Lighthawk Photo
  4. Enjoy, Explore, Protect - Kristi Jamason
  5. Healthy Ag Lands - Andy Wright, Lighthawk Photo