With your help, FRLT is working to permanently conserve important lands and waters in the Almanor Basin/Upper North Fork Feather River Watershed that are currently owned and managed by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Seven conservation easements will permanently protect 44,000 acres with scenic open space, public recreation opportunities, historical and Maidu cultural resources, and beautiful riparian, wet meadow, lake, marsh, and forest habitats. 

Sunset at Mountain Meadows Reservoir by J Murgia Compton

In August 2018, the Feather River Land Trust completed a conservation easement on the first of the PG&E properties to be conserved, the Mountain Meadows Planning Unit near Westwood.

A rich ecosystem nourished by multiple creeks and the Mountain Meadows Reservoir (sometimes known as "Walker Lake"), this 7,058-acre property provides habitat for a diverse array of life, including 22 special status species like Pacific Fisher, Sandhill Crane, Willow Flycatcher, and Tall Alpine-aster.

Mountain Meadows offers wonderful recreation opportunities like fishing, paddling, birding, and photography, and now has walking access from the town of Westwood through the recently purchased and conserved Gateway Property.

Canoes at Mountain Meadows Reservoir

This collaboration between FRLT and PG&E is one of the most ambitious conservation efforts ever undertaken by a land trust and a private corporation in the Western United States. It represents 10+ years of work to establish a mechanism to conserve these key watershed lands for public benefit.

Gratitude for conserving Mountain Meadows: Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, and Mountain Meadows Conservancy, with support from the Bella Vista Foundation, Firedoll Foundation, Mellam Foundation, Morgan Family Foundation, Northern Sierra Partnership, and generous FRLT members like you.

Photo Credits: (1) Jessica Murgia-Compton (2) FRLT/Ellie Hinrichs

Wednesday, December 5, 2018