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Outdoor classrooms in the Lost Sierra

New trail at Kids Creek Forest in Portola

Portola's Kid Creek Forest "tred-ication"

Learning Landscapes Partners

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FRLT partners with local schools, other regional organizations and State and Federal agencies, like the US Forest Service, to provide outdoor learning opportunities and real-world stewardship projects for students across the watershed. We are grateful for the adventurous teachers, parents, and science mentors who are helping raise up Mountain Kids!

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Vanessa Vasquez

People & Land Program Coordinator

From 2013 to 2022, Vanessa Vasquez coordinated FRLT’s People and Land Program to restore and enhance human connections to the Sierra’s largest watershed. She implemented nature-based education projects and collaborated with the FRLT Stewardship Department to improve our Preserves for public enjoyment. She also served as an integral part of our communications team.

Whether our kids stay or move away, they will understand things like, "Where does our drinking water come from? What affects that resource?" My kids will never forget these experiences. Outdoor learning fosters critical thinking, creativity, fun, and a real-world context for learning.
- Nicholle Crowther,
4th grade teacher, Chester