Friday, May 24 2019

Feather River Land Trust (FRLT) is hosting a BioBlitz in partnership with Chester Schools and local natural resource professionals to gather valuable biological data from the meadows surrounding the Olsen Barn and the delta of the North Fork Feather River.

kids collecting insects at the 2016 BioBlitz at Olsen Barn Meadow

A BioBlitz is a collaborative effort to discover and record as many living things as possible within a specific area over a short period of time.  This year, the effort is part of the Land Trust's Learning Landscape program and participants will be K-12 students and teachers applying science skills learned over the course of the 2018/2019 school year (volunteers needed too--see below).

FRLT is organzing this event not only to have a fun learning experience, but also to accomplish a management goal. This data collection effort will be used to inform the Olsen Barn Meadow management team about the biodiversity on the property (including invasive weeds) and any special species that may need to be managed for.  It is important for the Land Trust to know what animals, insects, and plants call the meadows and Barn home before implementing stewardship projects. 

Event Details--where, when, what

Where: BioBlitz homebase is the Olsen Barn. Drinking water and sanitation stations will be available. For those arriving by car, please park at the highway 36 parking area and walk to the barn.

When: Volunteers and FRLT staff meet at 9:30am for training and small group surveys (break for lunch 11am-11:30am); Teacher and Students arrive for the second shift from 12pm-2pm. 

What to bring: drinking water and a backpack, closed-toe shoes (sneakers, hiking boots), sun hat, sunscreen, snacks and layers in case it gets windy. Bring binoculars and hand lenses if you have them. For more information give us a call or send an email! 

species banner

Plants, Animals, Insects, Fungi, oh my!

FRLT hosted a BioBlitz at the Olsen Meadow in 2016. We found a meadow teaming with life! Nearly 150 species were identified. Read the report page for more information.

Want to brush up on your visual identification skills? Use Google image search by typing in species you think we may see or visit the iNaturalist app online.

Want to look for snakes, lizards, and frogs? is a great resource with range maps, species lists, color photos, and identifing characteristics for thousands of California reptiles and amphibians. 

Interested in plants? CalFlora is an online database with a search by county feature with maps, recorded sightings, and color photos to help you get a jump start for the BioBlitz. 

Looking up for the birds? Check out Plumas Audubon Society's bird list before you headout and print a copy to keep in your notebook. 

Species we may see this year: Osprey, yellow warbler, common raven, barn swallows, western tiger swallowtail butterfly, black mason bee, American bluet damselfy, orange blister beetle, black cottonwood, yarrow, red clover, white clover, rusty slender sedge, timothy, bluegrass, pocket gopher, cottontail rabbit, black-tailed deer, gophersnake, and more!

Nils Lunder
Friday, May 24, 2019