The outpouring of support for FRLT's conservation campaign, Save Olsen Barn, has been mighty.  With over 450 donors offering up their hard earned money to purchase a beloved meadow and historic barn, one group in particular stepped up to bat for the Olsen Barn—local artists. 

Artists have long enjoyed the meadow vistas, gallery cottonwood forest, views of Lassen Peak, wild creatures, and the impressive, historic landmark of the Olsen Barn.  When the Save Olsen Barn campaign was initiated in March of 2015, artists realized the opportunity they had—they could help protect public access and sustainable recreation of one of their natural muses.

In the name of public access for artists, nature lovers, children and the Chester/Lake Almanor community the following artists have made generous contributions to the Save Olsen Barn campaign:

Sally Yost, Betty Bishop, Sally Posner, Kim James, Jan Davies, Roger Walden, Randall Robbins and David Leland Hyde.

Thank you artists for your inspiring work and donations to the Save Olsen Barn Campaign!

Cranes and Cottonwood Shadows at Olsen Barn - by Randall Robbins. Donated to FRLT by Robbins for the Olsen Barn campaign. Read more about the artist and his inspiration.

Saturday, June 6, 2015