Photo of Robin
As FRLT members, donors, and friends we share a common love—our love of the Feather River region. No matter where we reside, it is a connection that we carry with us. Recently, we caught up with Robin Meacher, a Genesee Valley kid turned land protection specialist working for a fellow land trust in Central Oregon. Robin shared some moving words:

“The Feather River is truly unique. There is no river and no place like it. Knowing that the places I love, like the beautiful Heart K Ranch, will be protected for the next generations brings me joy and peace.”

Robin was born and raised at the Genesee Valley Ranch where her family ran the Genesee Store for nearly 30 years. She attended Indian Valley schools and raised farm animals for 4-H and FFA. Robin was an outdoor kid, playing with her brothers and neighbors in Indian Creek and exploring the old barns and forests of her mountain home. This time outdoors, and local environmental education programs, left a big imprint on Robin: 

“I remember learning how to read a section marker on a tree at Lake Davis—it was kind of an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me. I was a mountain kid who knew about trees, land-use, and my local environment.”

Photo of Robin as a child in Genesee Valley
Robin went to UC Santa Barbara for college, and then moved to Oregon for law school. Today, Robin uses this love of the outdoors and her education and expertise as an attorney for the McKenzie River Trust as their Land Protection Specialist. What she loves about working for a land trust:

“I love working directly with landowners who want to protect their land—it’s a choice, and I’m always honored and humbled when landowners choose my land trust as their conservation partner.”

As Robin is forging new connections to the special landscapes around her home in Eugene (she loves to kayak, mountain bike, and hunt for mushrooms) and is dedicated to conservation work in her Oregon community, she still thinks of the Feather River Land Trust as her “local land trust.”

“Knowing that the landscapes I grew up with,home, will still be there—not saying that it won’t change, we know change comes—but knowing that there is a mechanism for conservation, a local group, and dedicated landowners is everything to me.”

Thank you, Robin, for continuing the legacy of love for the outdoors and the Feather River region. You inspire us with your work to protect biodiversity, clean creeks and rivers, agriculture, and the human connection to land!


Photos: Robin on a recent adventure in California (top) and soaking up nature as a kid in Genesee Valley (bottom).  

Friday, December 27, 2019