Keep it standing for another 100+ years

You did it!

Stage 1: Last year (2015) with your help we were able to conserve the 107- acre Olsen Barn Meadow after raising $800,000.

Stage 2: This year (2016) we successfully completed Stage 2 fundraising ($100,000) and we will be moving forward on stablizing the barn, better public access and bringing water to the barn.

YOU DID IT!  Thanks very much to all 121 households who gave a gift.

Results: We've raised $113,650 as of December 14, 2016. If your donation is on the way or you still

Raising the Barn - Did it!
want to donate to this campaign - don't hesitate. All funds will be used to create an Olsen Barn infrastructure that you can be proud of, but there are no more matching funds. Thanks again to our donors who created the $50,000 matching challenge - the Collins family, the Foster family and an anonymous donor.  

Olsen Barn

How will your gift be used?

Your gift will be used to repair the foundation on three sides of the barn, add road base inside the barn to stabilize the foundation, repair the roof, bring water to the barn and improve public access. Notice the crumbling foundation on the photo above. The Land Trust received a professional analysis of the barn by an engineer and by an historical architect and both reports agreed that the present foundation was the highest priority to repair. We would like to get the work started in in 2016 before winter.

Why make a gift today?

  • To preserve one of the last historical stuctures still remaining from early pioneer days in the Almanor Basin
  • It's part of the iconic landscape of Chester
  • The architecture is amazing
  • It's home to great horned and barn owls
  • It could be a fantastic event venue in the future

Types of donations:

  • Online - donation type is Save Olsen Barn
  • Send a check to FRLT, P.O. Box 1826, Quincy, CA 95971
  • Stock donations
  • Give Karen a call at  (530) 283-5758 x103

All donations will be recognized with a plaque inside the barn and donations of $1000 or over will be recognized separately on the plaque. See the attached donor list.

More information about the management of the Olsen Barn Meadow.

Updates on progress and timelines coming soon.

Thank you for helping to preserve the Olsen Barn.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016