Olsen Barn Meadow Property Managementa community conservation project to steward the cultural and ecological resources of this special landscape.

Purchased October 2015 - FRLT and the local community joined together to conserve this Plumas County icon in the Almanor Basin.  The 130 year old barn sits on 107-acres of undeveloped, scenic meadow at the eastern entrance to Chester, CA.  With the help of over 550 friends, FRLT conserved this beautiful property for present and future generations, habitat for wildlife, recreation, and to preserve cultural heritage in our special region. Read more.

Olsen Barn at Night by Joe Saska

Olsen Property Access

With the Olsen Barn and Meadow conserved, the property is open to the public for low-impact recreation including walking, birding, fishing, botanizing, kite flying, and much more. Driving and motor vehicle access is prohibited on the property due to fire danger and wildlife sensitivity. To access the property walk from Highway 36 turnouts or the Collins Rail-Trail. Please respect private property along Melissa Avenue and do not trespass. Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                  Olsen Barn at Night by Joe Saska

Olsen Property Management—Current status

Watch the new Olsen Barn VideoHistory and Stewardship

Feather River Land Trust is working closely with the local community to protect the cultural and ecological resources of this special property and to identify management strategies that will ensure that those resources are protected and enhanced in the future. Read our most current updates and view a draft planning map here.

Under the direction of FRLT Stewardship Manager Nils Lunder, an Olsen Property Stewardship Advisory Group has been developed.  This group consists of immediate neighbors to the Olsen Property, local residents of the Lake Almanor Basin, local students, elected officials and business owners.  The purpose of this group is to ensure that FRLT develops the Land Management Plan (LMP) and ultimately makes management decisions that are in alignment with local perspectives and values. 

The group has met four times since last November and will continue to meet quarterly after the LMP has been finalized.The LMP will instruct the Land Trust on the development of signage, trails, public access, events, barn restoration, wildlife habitat protection, agricultural uses and more.

Have questions or want to help? Call 530-283-5758.

The Olsen Property Management plan is a community based effort supported in part by a grant from Plumas County Health Department’s 20,000 Lives Program.  The draft management plan is currently being reviewed by FRLT’s Stewardship Committee and the Olsen Property Management Committee and a final plan will be completed in September of 2016.

Friends of Olsen Barn—we need your help

Feather River Land Trust is currently fundraising for the second stage of the Save Olsen Barn campaign and we need your support!  Repairs to improve the stability of the barn and work to reduce fire danger, secure running water, and improve access to the property are currently under way. For questions about the barn restoration please contact Nils Lunder, Stewardship Manager. 

Monthly giving is a great way to stay connected to this project. Monthly donations for the Olsen Barn are easy to set up and always secure. Learn more about monthly giving.

Want to volunteer? Contact People and Land Coordinator Vanessa Vasquez.



Olsen Barn is located at 9456 State Hwy 36 in Chester. Click here for directions on Google Maps.

Summer 2017 Olsen Property Update

Olsen Property Management