Learning Landscapes is FRLT’s conservation and education program designed to greatly enhance children’s contact with the natural world, place-based learning, and hands-on stewardship experiences.

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In partnership with generous landowners and public school districts, we are conserving natural areas as “outdoor classrooms” within a 10-minute walk of every public school in the Feather River Watershed and supporting their educational use.

Learning Landscapes is a three-pronged effort:

1.      Conserve: We conserve and steward outdoor classrooms on campuses and natural areas next to public schools, making it easy for teachers to bring students outside to learn, play, and steward the land.

2.      Improve: We install trails, signs, and seating areas on campuses and adjacent lands to create ideal outdoor learning environments.

3.      Support: We train and support K-12 teachers to “Teach from the Land” and lead their students in hands-on restoration and stewardship projects.

Learning Landscapes includes all of Plumas County and portions of Lassen and Sierra counties, affecting approximately 2,900 schoolchildren per year in grades K-12 within seven communities.

Learning Landscapes is a community conservation program. Read more about this type of effort here.

Since its adoption by the FRLT board in 2003, Learning Landscapes has accomplished the following land conservation outcomes:

  • Secured 11 MOUs with local landowners allowing students and teachers to access their lands for educational use. We are working to secure permanent access through acquisition or conservation easements.
  • Purchased the first conservation easement in Indian Valley, protecting the 318-acre Pearce Family Ranch – Plumas County’s oldest working family ranch. The Pearce Family welcomes educational use by local schools.
  • Purchased the 42-acre Leonhardt Ranch, providing a Learning Landscape for Quincy Jr/Sr High School in American Valley.
  • Enhanced 9 outdoor classrooms with improved access and entry, signage, trails, paths, and seating, creating an ideal outdoor learning environment.

This unique program - conserving outdoor classrooms on campus and adjacent to every school - is generating lots of excitement. Learning Landscapes is now a strategic initiative of the Northern Sierra Partnership.

To learn more: please visit the Learning Landscapes website at www.learninglandscapes-frlt.org/

We need your help! To learn more about how you can help conserve outdoor classrooms to train the next generation of land stewards, please contact us at (530) 283-5758 or email us.

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