From infancy, Kenneth Holbrook, director of the Maidu Summit Consortium (MSC), has had a very special relationship to Tásmam Kóyom. For millennia, Ken’s family and other Mountain Maidu clans lived and thrived in what is now called Humbug Valley. However, with European settlement and overly extractive uses, Maidu presence was nearly lost, and the land—and Maidu relationship to it—has suffered.

Humbug Valley Sign

The scenic mountain meadow near Lake Almanor is rich with native fish and wildlife habitats along Yellow Creek and important cultural resources for the Maidu community. Now, after years of effort by MSC, the Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council has recommended that Humbug Valley at last return to Maidu ownership. In an innovative partnership, FRLT and CA Department of Fish & Wildlife will hold conservation easements on the 2,325-acre property. Blending Maidu traditional ecology and conservation science, the partners will work together to conserve and restore “the first Maidu national park.”

GRATITUDE FOR CONSERVING THE HUMBUG VALLEY MAIDU HOMELAND: Maidu Summit Consortium, Pacific Forest & Watershed Lands Stewardship Council, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife, with support from the Mellam Foundation, Morgan Family Foundation, Firedoll Foundation, Northern Sierra Partnership, and generous members like you.

Friday, November 14, 2014