Since 2000, the Feather River Land Trust has been working with willing landowners, local communities, other conservation organizations, funding partners, the general public, and friends like you to conserve land in the Feather River region and steward its ecological and cultural values for current and future generations. Read our Success Stories.

Why are we so passionate about conserving the Feather River Country? Watch our video:

Together, we have successfully protected 59,000 acres of private lands that support outstanding biodiversity, waterways, fisheries, recreational and educational opportunities, cultural sites, agricultural lands, and spectacular scenery.

Sandhill Cranes, White-faced Ibis, Willow Flycatchers, Golden Eagles, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, American Badgers, Burrowing Owls, Rainbow Trout, Black Bears, River Otters. Our work together is conserving and restoring critical bird and wildlife habitat in one of the most species-rich regions in the Sierra. Learn about our conservation successes.

We use two primary tools to conserve land:

  • Ranch with mountains
    Conservation Easement:
    A legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. It allows landowners to continue to own and use their land, and they can also sell it or pass it on to heirs. Learn more about conservation easements.
  • Outright Purchase (Fee title acquisition): Fee title acquisition is an ideal choice when FRLT wants to ensure community access to a beloved place, enhance people’s relationship to land through education and recreation, and conserve unique wildlife habitats and cultural resources.

The Feather River Land Trust owns five very special properties that are becoming models of stewardship to benefit the land, wildlife, and people. We invite you to visit our properties and explore!

Caring for the Land

Once land is protected from subdivision or other threats, our Land Stewardship Program works to maintain, restore, and enhance land health and other publicly important conservation values like historic buildings and cultural resources.

We work with local communities to maintain traditional uses of the land as long as this usage is conducted in an ecologically sustainable manner. As a result, the lands we protect, restore and manage remain both protected and productive, and continue to generate needed tax benefits to the community, county and state.

We are always working on new land conservation projects that will help preserve the Feather River country’s unique landscape and rural character.

Learn more about the lands we’ve conserved.