Conserved June 2018

With the help of generous donors, FRLT purchased an 8-acre property as a connective land bridge and "gateway" to the north shore of the recently conserved Mountain Meadows Reservoir, with walking access from the town of Westood. Prior to this acquisition, there was limited legal public access to the Mountain Meadows Reservoir.

Stewardship team member Greg Willard and friend walking at Mountain Meadows Gateway Property

Conservation of the Mountain Meadows Gateway Property

The “Mountain Meadows Gateway” property features a diverse mixture of ponderosa pine, willows, grasslands and a riparian corridor along Robbers Creek, which flows through the property. The property is just downstream of the historical site of the Red River Mill, once the largest lumber mill in the world. The town of Westwood was built to house workers at the mill. Robbers Creek forms a delta as it flows into the Mountain Meadows Reservoir. In this area are tall cottonwood trees, dense stands of cattail and bulrush. The area is a haven for a wide variety of wildlife including Western Bluebirds, Marsh Wrens, Red-winged Blackbirds, Willow Flycatchers, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Peregrine Falcons, Greater Sandhill Cranes, Bald Eagles, Tree Swallows, Osprey, Tree Swallows and numerous other species.

The Feather River Land Trust purchased and conserved the Mountain Meadows Gateway property with generous support from the Joseph and Vera Long Foundation, with stewardship funding funding raised from the Mountain Meadows Conservancy, Sierra Pacific Industries, and 3 generous families.

Stewardship and Recreation

Stewardship Manager Nils Lunder at Mountain Meadows Gateway Property

FRLT is in the process of creating trails, signage, a welcome kiosk, and defined parking. In summer of 2018, FRLT partnered with the Sierra Institute's youth P-CREW to clean up debris and develop walking paths through the willows. FRLT will be working with the Westwood Schools and with local volunteers to continue visioning for recreation and land management planning.

Public Access and Directions

To access the property, travel to Westwood. Find Delwood Street and follow it south. After crossing the Railroad Tracks, follow the dirt road approximately ¼ mile south and look for the gate on your right. If the gate is locked, park in front of the gate and walk onto the property.

Map of Mountain Meadows Gateway Property bear Westwood