In 2013, the Feather River Land Trust purchased a conservation easement on the Rogers Key Brand Ranch, a working family cattle ranch and haying operation with outstanding wildlife habitat.

Rogers Ranch wetlands and pasture with mountain behind

The Key Brand Ranch is located in Indian Valley, close to the town of Greenville. The ranch retains a unique blend of habitats including 365 acres of wetland, montane riparian and wet meadow habitats as well as 262 acres of upland meadow and improved irrigated pasture. Aside from stunning valley vistas,  extensive year-round wetlands, and outstanding wildlife habitats, the ranch contributes to the local agricultural economy by producing hay and high quality Angus beef.

Conservation of the Rogers Key Brand Ranch

The conservation easement protects the watershed and an important working landscape by preventing loss of a working family ranch, prohibiting subdivision and development, and requiring continued management for conservation goals. 

Conserving the ranch was accomplished by a unique partnership by Harry Rogers with the National Resources Conservation Service for a conservation easement on 365 acres and with the Feather River Land Trust for a conservation easement on the remaining 262 acres. Funding for FRLT's conservation easement was made possible by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Northern Sierra Partnership, the Morgan Family Foundation, the Mellam Family Foundation, the Firedoll Foundation, and a generous bargain sale donation by the Rogers Family.

The Key Brand Ranch conservation easement preserves outstanding ecological, cultural, historical, scenic, and sustainable agricultural resources now and for future generations.

Stewardship of the Ranch

Peter Lassen trading post historical marker

The Rogers Key Brand Ranch supports an array of important ecological values, including extensive wetland, montane riparian, and wet and upland meadow habitats. The habitats, in turn, support unique special status species including the Redhead, White-faced Ibis, Golden Eagle, Northern Harrier, Bald Eagle, Greater Sandhill Crane, Yellow Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Sheldon's Sedge, Pacific Fisher, and Webber's Ivesia (a member of the rose family). 

In addition to abundant wildlife and native plants, the property contains important cultural and historical resources including evidence of an abandoned Mountain Maidu Village and remnants of a stone foundation that are the likely site of a general store owned by Peter Lassen. 

Harry Rogers and his sons will continue to steward the ranch and its resources in a sustainable fashion, as they have for over four decades.

NOTE: This property is a working family ranch and is not open to the general public.

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Meet rancher Harry Rogers.