Across America, two acres of farm and ranch land are paved over every minute. But here in the Feather River country, something different is happening.

The Feather River Watershed has a longstanding culture of agriculture, and at the Feather River Land Trust, we think that’s important. Family farms and ranches provide local food, support local economies, offer diverse wildlife habitats, and make up some of the Feather River region’s most beautiful landscapes. But in many communities, these landscapes are disappearing. 

With help from friends like you, FRLT has permanently protected more than 32,000 acres of working ranch and farm lands. We have helped ranching families to realize their dream to stay on their ranches, continue to work them, and preserve them for future generations.

We work with ranchers and other landowners to sustain and enhance ranching and farming in a way that protects and benefits wetland and riparian habitats and conserves the land’s ecological health. On the lands we own, we’re partnering with ranchers to protect wetland and riparian areas using fencing and solar technology, conduct rotational grazing, and remove invasive plant species such as yellow star-thistle.

Meet some of our ranching partners:

As part of our commitment to nurturing people’s relationship to land, for several years we co-hosted an annual Sustainable Agriculture workshop. Where possible, sustainable agriculture and local food production are incorporated into Learning Landscapes.

Photo: Sierra Valley Ranch, Andy Wright, LightHawk Photo