Feather River Land Trust has the great honor and responsibility to care for the properties we own and manage. From Maidu homelands to working ranches--together we strive to be good guardians of this amazing place.

This fall Feather River Land Trust has undertaken several projects to restore historic buildings on three of our conserved properties. Work began in September to rebuild the crumbling foundation of the Olsen Barn in Chester, replacing footers and pouring new forms. Ongoing repairs to the siding and foundation continue at the historic granary barn in Genesee Valley on the Heart K Ranch. FRLT’s newest property, the Sierra Valley Preserve, features the iconic farm house that stands alone off of County Road A-23. Stabilization of the 100 year-old Bulson House began in October and continues through November. 

Watch the video. 

More than Land Conservation: FRLT Stewards History and Culture. This short video was produced by Pup n' Suds Productions and features timelapse photography, spectacular views, and historic builidings.

Working with a local media production company, Pup n’ Suds Productions, FRLT has released a short video documenting these stewardship projects on the Heart K Ranch, the Olsen Barn Meadow, and the Sierra Valley Preserve.

The video was shot over the course of three chilly mornings in late October and features time-lapse photography at sunrise and interviews with FRLT staff Vanessa Vasquez, Nils Lunder, and Gabe Miller. Colby Elliot, videographer and producer of the film is a Chester local and resident of Quincy, CA.

Friday, November 10, 2017