QHS Students Take on Invasive Weeds

QHS students pull invasive weeds

This Spring, Tyler Lee's Opportunity Class at Quincy Jr./Sr. High got serious about taking care of their Learning Landscape outdoor classroom. Together with Suzanne Stirling's 7th grade class, they made it their personal goal to eradicate Teasle, an invasive weed that is crowding out native plants along Boyle Creek.   

All Spring long, these dedicated students went out several days a week to their Leonhardt Ranch outdoor classroom next to the bike path. The crew removed last year's plants and monitored the new emerging Teasle. They topped the new plants -- which effectively removes the seed bank from upper Boyle Creek-- and then staked willows to restore native vegetation. As QHS students continue to monitor and steward the site, it will prevent Teasle from spreading downstream in the valley.   

This week, Stewardship Director Gabe Miller and Learning Landscapes Coordinator Rob Wade went out to monitor the site and it looks great. "These students made a huge difference, says Wade. "Kudos to them and their dedicated teachers, Mr. Lee and Ms. Stirling."   

Well done, Weed Warriors! 

Friday, June 21, 2013