Feather River Land Trust and the Save Olsen Barn committee are happy to announce that New Mexico artist Randall Robbins has donated a beautiful original painting and three prints to the effort to conserve the Olsen Barn and meadow property. 

Randall's painting, Cranes and Cottonwood Shadows at Olsen Barn, will be offered for sale by donation.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to the purchase and conservation of the 107 acre property and historic barn. 




Cranes and Cottonwood Shadows at Olsen Barn, Randall Robbins, 2015.

An original oil on board (38"x19).



Artist's Statement: "I have been in and around the Olsen barn in Chester, California for over a decade and, like everyone else who sees that structure, am fascinated by the human effort and ingenuity required to raise such a structure.  With Dyer Mountain and Lake Almanor in the background, I knew from my first visit that I would paint it someday. 

In this work, I included a few symbolic elements of the hero's journey because the barn builders themselves were so heroic.  The family of cranes includes a fledgling that is on the lake side of the dark line of weeds that extends from infinity to the posts that fram the gate entrance.  Thus the fledgling's separation from and docus on something besides the direction of its parents symbolizes the beginning of the young hero's own journey. Between the gate posts and the barn, the overgrown road turns into a faint weedy spiral. This is representative of the whirlwinds from which God spoke to Ezekiel and Job or it could be symbolic of the order of nature found in the geometry of the golden mean. 

The barn is a symbol of either sanctuary or ingenuity. In the places where light penetrates the inner shadows, some of the timber framework is revealed. The intent was to use the barn's hidden timbers as metaphors for the character of the hero that its parent's worked to develop before their offspring departs. Finally, the long shadows of the cottonwoods on the west side of the property were done in secondary hues as a metaphor for the support and aid of others in helping the hero on its journey."

The Save Olsen Barn Committee thanks you Randall Robbins for your amazing work!

Monday, June 8, 2015