Remember a couple of years ago when FRLT member Dr. Linda Cayot and FRLT Executive Director Paul Hardy did that traveling lecture series about Conservation and Biodiversity in Galapagos and the Feather River Watershed? It was fascinating!

Wildlife biologist Linda Cayot
Well, recently Linda Cayot, a wildlife biologist and Science Advisor for Galapagos Conservancy was featured in an hour-long special on the Galapagos by National Public Radio's Radio Lab.

You'll hear Linda in the first two segments help tell the story of "just how far humans will go to protect something" and "just how far humans will go to try to bring back something that's been lost": 

  • "Galapagosimmerses you in what it might be like to first set foot on the Galapagos through the eyes of Linda as a young research assistant and later as a lead researcher, as she helps tell the story of an ambitious and controversial effort to protect native species' habitat.

  • "Resurrection" tells the story of a 40-year effort to try bring something (in this case the Pinta tortoise) back from the brink of extinction. Linda was a research scientist and "match-maker" for the famous last remaining Pinta tortoise, "Lonesome George."

If you've never listened to Radio Lab, you are in for a treat. It is quirky, informative, often funny, and dramatic story-telling. Check it out.


About Linda


Galapagos Biologist Linda Cayot with tortoise
Dr. Linda Cayot, wildlife biologist, FRLT member, and Science Advisor for Galapagos Conservancy.


Linda first traveled to Galapagos in 1981 to study giant tortoises for her PhD and has remained involved in the islands ever since. Working for the Charles Darwin Research Station from 1988 to 1998, she supervised the tortoise and land iguana breeding centers, including the care of "Lonesome George," the last of the Pinta Island Tortoises.  


She is currently Science Advisor to Galapagos Conservancy, a nonprofit US organization dedicated to the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands. Linda also serves on the Feather River Land Trust's Fund Development Committee.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014